2017 : SMART Goals for the year

by serene


And its that time of the year again. We’re tired. The year that was. Making plans for Christmas.

Picking out a guy/girl to take along to that New Year’s Party.

How about those goals?

Its interesting. Every time i set a goal for New Year’s, I never do it. And when I don’t set that goal,

I don’t achieve it either. This got me thinking, and doing a bit of research.

Why was this happening? I stumbled on this concept of SMART goals.

What it stands for is –






Time Bound


And a bulb went off in my head. I was either not setting any goals, or setting unrealistic goals.

I’m not sure where I developed this habit from, but I’ll take the blame. Its just more efficient.


So here goes –

These are my goals for 2017 

  1. Be on my 3rd year of work experience at a job, and complete a 4th year in the same role.
  2. Financial – Have an active income. And save up for an emergency fund as well a retirement, insurance.
  3. Set up a passive source of income of $100 per month
  4. Get into a world class Masters program abroad for the additional knowledge and exposure.
  5. Run the marathon, doesn’t matter where I am placed
  6. Complete a year of Ji Jitsu & Taekwondo
  7. Do 30 minutes of Yoga / Meditation daily after exercise
  8. Journal everyday
  9. Stay single
  10. Be inaccessible to peers. Only keep in touch with family, few close friends and work.
  11. Eat healthy
  12. Think healthy

Simple enough?

I hope so.

I’ll keep you posted on my progress.